How do we Drive Cryptocurrency for Good?

The ADAO is a philanthropic cryptocurrency that supports creatives who advance the Sustainable Development Goals, representing an entirely new way to fund social and creative revolutionaries.

What is the ADAO?

The ADAO stands for Altruistic Democratic Autonomous Organization and offers ada coins as a normative currency with 30% of token supply allocated to form an endowment. Borrowing from Ethereum’s DAO, currency holders in the ADAO will be able to vote on which socially beneficial projects are funded from the endowment. As the value of the currency pool grows, the endowment will grow with it, with the ultimate goal of creating one of the world’s largest democratically run philanthropy funds.


When What What we'll do
28-29 Oct MozFest, London We present the ADAO Bank at the MozFest with the Tate Modern and V&A. 100 Awardees granted 1000 ADAO coins for SDG pledges
November Additional Strategic Partners, Institutions and Artists Signed
December 15-17 Bangalore Fantastic, Bangalore Pre-Sale Begins
Q1 Public Sale / ICO begins
Q2 Finalize Governance Contracts Release Token Smart Contracts Finalize Legal Structure
Q3 First Submissions Accepted First Grant Given
Q4 On-Going Grant Procedures Established
Survey of Crypto-Currency Legal Advisory for top 5 Social Jurisdictions


Please note, that any financial statement here should be considered draft, not definitive and expected to change. At this time, none of the statements here should be considered a solicitation or an invitation to purchase.

In January to March 2018, we expect launch an official coin sale in the ADAO.

The ADAO will mint 10,000,000 ADAO coins and which are expected have a sale price of 1 ADAO coin = 1 GBP. We expect to make 20% of coins available in the Presale and then another 20% later in Public Fund Sale.

Allocation of ADAO Coins


Use of Proceeds